We are always very happy when we get a product that we have never placed in a presentation case before.

It was great to produce a series of custom presentation cases for fire helmets.

We were incredibly captivated by the history of the company and product development of the Croatian manufacturer PAB Akrapovic. Starting with protective helmets intended for use in industrial environments, the company has developed and is now a manufacturer of firefighting helmets that are gaining worldwide recognition and awarded for their excellent design and quality, manufactured using cutting edge technology.

We were entrusted with the design and production of a series of custom demo cases for these firefighter helmets.

case for protective equipment

Very deep sewn sample cases have been filled with the highest quality foam cut perfectly in accordance with the shape of the helmet, visors and additional firefighting equipment. We are incredibly proud to be part of the opportunity to bring a product so critical to human safety to its users around the world!


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