When we hear the term “presentation suitcase”, we usually think of a classic custom sales case, i.e. one in which, after opening, we see one or two wings with samples of our products. Such solutions work great, but they do not exhaust our conceptual and production capabilities.

Often, the type of products presented requires us to provide unusual solutions in demo cases.

For example, we can produce individual layered foam trays or plastic and foam boxes.

When do we use such solutions in suitcases for traders?

  • if we have a large number of elements to show – we take out the layers and arrange them one next to the other, thus obtaining a much larger presentation area compared to that allowed by the classic two-wing suitcase,sample display kit
  • when, during the presentation, we want to hand out e.g. color samples or small elements collected on such a tray to individual listeners, so that they can easily take a closer look at the samples,

suitcases for salesmen

  • when we are dealing with a very large difference in the size or depth of the products. For smaller samples, we make a presenter in the form of a tray filled with foam, and the remaining samples fill most of the bottom of the presentation case.

presentation case custom sales cases

How do we place product layers in suitcases for sales representatives?

  • drawers can be arranged vertically, as in a typical trunk, or horizontally, which works well in the case of products that, due to their shape or weight, may not stay in the foam when placed vertically while being pulled out.

custom presentation casesample foam trayssample case with foam

Special cutouts or handles allow you to easily remove a given layer even from the bottom of the suitcase. aluminum cases


All of the above solutions can be used both in personalized sewn and aluminum cases of demo case manufacturer DEMO-SYSTEMS.

To choose the right presentation case for your product go to DEMO-SYSTEMS website to view available options.