Suitcase for smart home window covers

It’s hard not to appreciate the benefits of electric window shades. Facade or internal blinds, roller blinds or shutters during the hot summer allow you to save on air conditioning, while in the winter they let warm sunbeams inside, which heat our rooms.How to use the potential of various shields in 100%? Roller blinds should be opened at the optimal time to let in the sun or covered to protect the room from overheating. But who has time to cover and uncover windows while at home, let alone at work? The Somfy smart home system will make it easier for you to control it thanks to dedicated remote controls, and even it will work on its own: it will cover the windows in the summer when the room temperature exceeds 25°C, and in the winter it will open them to let the warming sun rays into the room.

aluminium suitcase for shutters

Impossible? Fortunately, system elements such as remote controls, sensors and controllers can be viewed by potential users thanks to the mobile presenter, an aluminium case created by Demo-systems. All elements have been protected against damage thanks to cutouts adapted to their shape.

They are very easy to present because they are always arranged in the same way in the presentation case, and the smoothness of the presentation obtained in this way additionally emphasizes the professionalism of the seller.

aluminium case for smart system of shuttersaluminium case for smart home devices


To choose the right presentation case for your product go to DEMO-SYSTEMS website to view available options.