At Pinia Design we produce presentation materials for products and samples. We specialize in product presentation cases and POS materials. An elegant, modern presentation case proves the company’s commitment to high-quality solutions. Although its main task is to facilitate the sales presentation, the owner of a product suitcase receives not only a means of transporting materials, but also an excellent advertising medium, gaining a kind of mobile showroom. Thanks to the production facilities, we first design, then manufacture and assemble our suitcases. It is amazing how much they positively influence the result of the sales presentation.

We offer our clients wide range of suitcases: elegant sewn, traditional aluminum as well as super light made of plastic or cardboard. All our projects are carried out in accordance with the customer’s needs, we only offer customised solutions.

Apart from that, we pride ourselves on our individual display solutions. We design and produce complex stands, dipslays and other POSM.

Our knowledge is backed by years of experience.  We stay up to date with the latest trends and technological innovations. The results of our work often go beyond the rigid framework of graphic design. We listen to our clients, we want to know their story to make sure that our work is perfectly tailored to their needs.
We will be delighted to offer your company complete advertising solutions.