Demo case for fixings

custom sales casesInsulation fixings are an indispensable tool for installing insulation boards, elements that play a major role in the thermal insulation of buildings, their complete thermal modernization and insulation.

As you know, you should use insulation pins selected for the material in which they will be installed. First of all, we are interested in the thickness of our insulation, we determine the necessary anchorage depth.We must also pay attention to whether we work in new or old buildings, because when we carry out renovations, we should take into account the thickness of the old plaster layer.


sample tool caseManufacturers of insulation fixings are constantly working on innovative solutions to speed up and facilitate installation with their use. To encourage professionals to use them, sales representatives are happy to present them in a comfortable, easy-to-shoulder demo case. In such a suitcase for sales representatives, the insulation fixings are kept clean and presented in their entirety right after opening of the sample demo case. By arranging the products in a specially cut foam that fills the demo case, it is easier for the seller to control the consistency and completeness of the presentation, and thus save the time of potential customers, such as construction teams or investors.

As you can see,  our client gained two solutions in one – a tool case and a demo case. We were happy to assist.


To choose the right presentation case for your product go to DEMO-SYSTEMS website to view available options.