Presentation cases are an obvious choice when presenting small products, such as door handles, sockets, switches, smarthome consoles, etc.

But how to present a product that customers receive in powder or liquid form? Take, for example, microcement, an innovative solution in the field of interior finishing. This decorative mass perfectly covers various surfaces, even ceramic tiles or OSB boards. Thanks to it, you can achieve the effect of concrete that is so fashionable today, but at a relatively low cost and with little work. However, customers have many more colors and types of structures to choose from. How to introduce them to them?

demo case for microcement coulur charts

No problem. We apply a layer of our product on a wooden or plastic base and arrange such “patterns” in specially cut foam for them. The customer sees the final effect, exactly what he will see after applying it to his own wall, piece of furniture or floor. Color and structure samples are arranged in the appropriate order and described. The presentation takes place without interruption, and our samples travel safely to the next customer in the DEMO-SYSTEMS presentation case.

To choose the right presentation case for your product go to DEMO-SYSTEMS website to view available options.