Demo case for 3d print samples

presentation case for 3d printed prototypesIn recent years, we have gotten used to the fact that 3D printers are available to everyone. However, not everyone remembers that they are not just for fun. Thanks to them, production companies no longer have to spend huge sums on prototypes ordered outside the company. However, it is not easy to choose the right one. When choosing a 3D printer for your company, it is worth considering many factors, such as the preferred size of the working chamber, type of support materials, auto-calibration functions or printing speed.

The 3D GENCE company offers customers many available solutions in printers for industrial and professional applications. Due to the considerable size of industrial 3D printing devices, in order to show the capabilities of its printers, the company decided to present samples printed in various techniques and on various devices. As a transport bag, they chose the DEMO-SYSTEMS sewn presentation suitcase.

In consultation with the client, we designed the suitcase with the logo appropriately to the size and number of samples, and the wings of the suitcase were provided with transparent pressing sheets, which not only give the whole thing elegance, but also press objects firmly during transport.

 demo case for 3d print samplesWe hope that with the help of a mobile presentation case for tradesmen, meetings with clients will result in new contracts. 

To choose the right presentation case for your product go to DEMO-SYSTEMS website to view available options.